Malcolm Down Publishing is a traditional, independent publisher and home of the children’s imprint Sarah Grace Publishing. Our authors include Andrew Roberts, Mark Stibbe, Wendy Mann and Dr Elizabeth McNaught.

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Sarah Grace Publishing

Format: Paperback

Size: 150mm x 210mm

Pages: 40

Release Date: January 2018

Price: £7.99

ISBN: 9781910786673


Ever since she was a baby, when Sarah looked out her bedroom window, she saw something in a nearby tree. It was a little squirrel! Oh, how she loved to see that little squirrel! Day in and day out, the little squirrel never left the branch of that tree, and Sarah grew to love her little bushy-tailed friend. With all her heart she wanted to play with him. Would she ever get her wish? Her fourth birthday would bring more than one wonderful surprise!

A book to help children overcome their fears, especially when faced with visiting a whole new kind of doctor!


Joy B Woodruff lives with her husband Richard in the hills and woodlands of Western New York State. In addition to writing, Joy is a singer-songwriter with 2 published music CD’s, and spent a few years traveling around the globe singing and sharing at conferences and meetings. Much of Joy’s writing speaks of personal challenges and real-life experiences. Her wish is that her books will bring hope, love, and encouragement - something she passionately believes is needed in today’s world.


J. B. Woodruff

Sarah and the Little Squirrel

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